KaweAfrica BookClub Lagos: A Book Reading For ‘Tomorrow Died Yesterday’ A Novel By Chimeka Garricks.

We had a blast at the Kawe Africa Book Club Session on Sunday, July 01, 2018 when they invited the author of ‘Tomorrow Died Yesterday’, Chimeka Garricks (my husband). It was exciting to meet other lovers of fiction like Segun, Chimdinma, Michael, Shikemi and many others. Author of ‘The Carnivorous City’, Toni Kan also attended the book reading session. The members of the book club used the opportunity to comment on their different views on the book and got a lot of questions they had for the author answered. The book whose theme is centered around the Niger Delta crisis triggered very important discussions around how Nigerians as a people can make a difference by being the change that we want to see if we really desire a better future for ourselves and our children.




Tomorrow Died Yesterday: A Novel by Chimeka Garricks
Published: In 2010 by Paperworth Books
Pages: 415
Genre: Fiction
Purchase on http://www.amazon.com; http://www.booksmartsonlinestore.com
Publisher’s Blurb: It’s 2004 Port Harcourt, Nigeria at the height of the kidnap of oil workers in the Niger delta, a kidnapping goes awry and four lives are reconnected. Douye aka Doughboy the career militant responsible for the crime. Amaibi the gentle university professor / eco-warrior accused. Kaniye the lawyer turned restaurateur who tries to get him off and Tubo an amoral oil company executive. Against a backdrop of corrupt practices, failed systems and injustice, these four friends tell the story of oil in a region and its effects on local communities and the Nigerian larger society.
The Author: Chimeka Garricks is a Nigerian and Irish writer who was raised in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. ‘Tomorrow Died Yesterday’ published by Paperworth Books is his first novel. His short stories have also been published by http://www.juked.com (‘I Put a Spell on You’), http://www.altarwork.com (“Tears in Heaven”) and http://www.kalaharireview.com (“Music”). His novel “Tomorrow Died Yesterday” is available on amazon.com and booksmartsonlinestore.com. He lives with his wife and three children in Lagos, Nigeria. You can follow him on Twitter @MrGarricks

Kawe Africa is a social enterprise that is aimed at developing human capacity on the continent by encouraging Africans from a very young age to embrace the culture of our leaders and empower them to take charge of their lives and become responsible for whatever they desire to become (Copied from http://www.kaweafrica.com)



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