If Wishes were Horses……. a Poem by Biyai Garricks

If wishes were horses,

You will be here with me.

I wish I had stayed longer,

Stayed up all night,

Prayed till you rose up and broke free from the chains of death.

I wish I was not so far away,

Too far to be by your side,

to serve you,

to go anywhere with you.

I wish I had called again and again,

To hear you say you will be fine,

and tell me when next you had planned to do a facial,

Or your nails,

Yes your nails,

Even as you lie here,

Are still beautiful in purple.

I look down at my feet,

My nails,

They are painted in purple.

I look up at your hair,

I see myself,

But it is not me,

It is you!


And all I can do is wish!

That this a bad dream,

That this is not you,

This is not me,

This is not us!

I wish I could turn back the hands of time,

time for more talk,

more laughter,

more love,

I wish I could get another chance,

To say I love you,

To be your friend,

To be your child,

To be your pride,

I wish I had said goodbye,

with a song,

with a prayer,

with a kiss.

If wishes were horses,

You will be here with me……


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