Speak…………A Spoken Word Poem by Biyai Garricks

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all doing well.

Today, I am sharing a poem I wrote for my husband on our 15th wedding anniversary. We met as teenagers when I was 16 and he 19 and after 25 years of love, friendship and marriage, I am grateful to God for who we have become.

I hope you enjoy reading this.


If I were to speak about my life,

It would be about you and I,

A story of first love,

Of innocence, of passion and of faith,

About a love that consumes every memory of the life I lived before our eyes met,

Nothing before that day now exists as something to remember,

something to know, something to keep,

About a love that transforms itself into something sweeter,

About a love that holds on even when the whole universe works against its very existence,

But still it stays,

25 years,

The story of you and I

If I were to speak about you,

I will not call you husband,

I will call you my soul,

The one whose smile brightens my day,

The one who puts butterflies in my stomach,

The one whose kiss sets off a volcano in this body,

My anchor, my confidant, my conscience, my ride or die,

I call you friend, I call you brave, I call you baby

If I were to speak about babies,

It would still be me and you,

building castles in the air,

dreaming of five kids, running around our home,

It would be of you,

Head shaven,

Eyes wet with tears,

Holding me tight,

As we mourn the loss of one,

It would be of the miracles,

All three of them,

Gifts only God can give,

like arrows in the hand of a mighty man,

They sit round about our table,

And Yes! We are called Mother and Father

If I were to speak about fathers,

It would be about your ambition to be the best dad,

To commit to this job without a manual,

About your love that runs deeper than the ocean,

The love of God in you.

If I were to speak about God,

It would be about holding your hand and praying to the one and only God,

Who knew before we were knit together in our mothers’ wombs,

That there will be an us,

It would be about your love for the word,

The word of God, a lamp to my feet and a light to my path,

About God’s love in your life and your pain

If I were to speak about pain,

It would be of the times we were apart,

The times I have hurt you and you have hurt me,

The times we look at each other and think we have changed,

If I were to speak about change,

I would only change one thing,

I would be three and you, six,

me and you on a school playground,

There and then,

We will ignite this love,

We will know , like we know now,

That this will be forever, even in heaven

If I were to speak about heaven,

Then I will have to speak of things I do not know,

But I know you,

And I love you,

And you love me,

Our love,

Our heaven on earth,

I will speak.

I will speak of this love,

Of this love,

Only will I speak!

For my husband, Chimeka on our Anniversary…


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