Book Review: International Sisi Eko and Other Stories Edited by Hope Eghagha & Karen King-Aribisala

“The boy is now too tired to move, so he lies on the ground almost motionless. She feels like she’s in a dream. These people can’t possibly burn a little child in broad daylight because of groundnuts. A Tyre materializes from nowhere. Bring petrol! Someone says.


Never judge a book by it’s cover! I didn’t like the cover design of this book and I can’t still say that I do. It didn’t help that it is a compilation of short stories and since I am more of a “Full Novel Girl” I passed it off. Even when it was gifted to me on my birthday last month, I ignored it until last week. Swamped with work and starved of fiction, I began to look for something short I could read for thirty minutes and guess who won the contest??? International Sisi Eko Lagos Stories and Other Stories!

From the first story, I was hooked! I couldn’t believe my eyes. What was supposed to be a short break from work turned out to be two hours and the end of the book.

International Sisi Eko and Other Stories is a collection of sixteen (16) stories about the city of Lagos, Nigeria. Having just moved to Lagos about four years ago, I don’t see myself as a lagosian as I still call myself a “Port Harcourt girl” but I found these stories relatable and the reading enjoyable.

Each of the stories are unique in their own style and message. Some made me laugh while others had me holding my breath in fear or almost in tears. My favorite story ‘The Long Night’ is one that I would hope can be written into a novel. It reminded me of Tunde Leye’s ‘Easy Motion Tourist’ I read not too long ago. Other stories that really tugged at my heart were Gabriel in Egbeda, My Chip-toothed Angel, Groundnuts and Road to Yesterday. I sincerely loved reading this collection and I rate it a handsome 4 stars. I highly recommend it to every one and I believe you will love it too. Kudos to all the contributors, you have done well!

Published: 2018 by Kachifo Limited

Pages: 125

Genre: Short Stories




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