My Top 7 Online Book Sellers

For those of us who prefer books to shoes, knowing the right book stores or book sellers to get our bookish fix from is a very essential part of our lives.

I have recently been asked by quite a few people about where and how I purchase most of the books I read and I have had to give each of them this information individually. Based on this, I have decided to put together a list of my top 7 online book sellers so anyone who may need this information can easily get it from here.

Why online? I find shopping online more convenient these days as getting to a bookshop in a very busy city like Lagos, Nigeria can be a hassle. All you need is an electronic device with internet access and you are good to go.

And they are……….

  1. Almost any and every book you can think of is on this site. This is my first “port of call” when I am looking books to buy and the book reviews also help you choose especially if you are not familiar with author. When I travel outside Nigeria, I mostly purchase books from amazon. However, amazon also ships to Nigeria so you can buy any book you can not purchase from any local book seller.
  2. : This online book seller is also available on Instagram as @bookpeddlerng and also has a twitter handle. They have a good collection of both fiction and non fiction books and I find their service very professional and timely. This seller is highly recommended.
  3. : Roving Heights Books is not only an online book store but also has physical stores in Lagos and Abuja. They are also on Instagram as @rovingheights and you can make book orders either on the website or on Instagram. With a wide collection of books, it is one of my go-to book stores.
  4. TheBookmarketNg : You can make purchases from this seller on Instagram (@thebookmarket_ng), Facebook or Twitter on @thebookmarketng. They also have bookstands at Coco Café Abuja, Clever Kitchen Abuja, Nutrihit Café Abuja and Cofee Bar Abuja.
  5. Sepher Books: This is my one stop online store for Christian fiction books. You can make purchases by messaging them on their Instagram page @sepherbooks or call the phone number on the bio. They have a wide range of books to choose from and the service is superb!
  6. Kawe Books sell a wide variety of books written by African and mostly Nigerian authors. They also have a variety of Nigerian school text books for Secondary school pupils. They are also available on Instagram @kawebooks and on twitter.
  7. With the SCRIBD App on your electronic device, you will fall in love with audio and ebooks. Subscribing to this app has helped me to read more books on the go. The App is available on the Apple App Store and also on Playstore  for android phones.

So Bookworms, You can check out any of these awesome booksellers for your book fix any day, anytime. Enjoy your book shopping!


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