Broken Wings….a Poem by Biyai Garricks

Do you remember?

Those days when your heart was always in your chest,

The days of confidence and courage,

Like an eagle soaring in the sky.

The days of wild ambition and accomplishments,

The days that were never enough for things to do.

When your mind knew the future,

And your brain ran on overdrive.

You! The Bower bird working hard at his craft.

The days and nights of prayer,

At sunup and sundown,

The word of God always fresh on your lips,

quenching the fiery darts of the enemy.

Do you remember?

The days you never wondered if you were beautiful,

Like a golden Pheasant,

You Knew!

The days you never second guessed yourself,

And wondered if you were making the right decisions,

When you wondered if you were good enough, smart enough or fair enough.

The days you stood tall and proud,

A peacock spreading her wings.

The days when gossip plunged you ahead to shore,

leaving the culprits to drown in their envy,

A brave and fearless Water Dikkop.

The days when mediocrity was beneath you,

And excellence was your motto,

When you laughed in the face of adversity,

Always coming out stronger.

The days without broken dreams and broken promises.

Those days! Those days!

Are gone?

Are over?


Because broken wings heal,

And healing takes time,

But time flies,

And fly again, you will.

Or will you stay down forever?

Will you? Will you?

You will not!

You will fly again,

You will flap those beautiful wings,

You will spread them out and glide in the air,

Higher and higher,

Above every fear, every shame,

You will shame, shame.

You will grow,

You will bloom,

You will laugh,

You will! You will!


Broken wings can fly again!



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