Book Genres: A Reader’s Guide

Most people, especially new readers purchase books based on the hype from the media about a book or a catchy book cover without taking an important aspect into cognizance – The Book Genre.

A book genre is a specific type of book distinguished from others by some characteristic or quality. Books can be classified into two broad genres – Fiction and Non-fiction. Non-fiction books contain factual information such as biographies and self help while fiction books contain stories that are made up by the author such as mystery and romance. These two can be further divided into many sub-genres as listed below:

Fiction Non-Fiction
Action and adventure Art
Alternate history Autobiography
Anthology Biography
Children’s Book review
Comic book Cookbook
Crime Diary
Drama Dictionary
Fairytale Encyclopedia
Fantasy Guide
Graphic novel Health
Historical fiction History
Horror Journal
Mystery Memoir
Picture book Prayer
Poetry Religion, spirituality, and new age
Romance Textbook
Satire Self help
Science fiction Travel
Short story True crime
Young adult

Based on personalities, experiences and personal ambition, most people unconsciously have their preferences when it comes to reading books therefore, it is important to be aware of what you like to avoid the boredom that comes with reading books that you may not enjoy because of the genre.

One easy way to discover the book genre that most likely fits your personality and needs is by taking a short online quiz. I recommend www.gotoquiz/genre (click on link) as it gave me the closest results to my favorite book genre. Another way is to read the blurb usually on the back cover page of most books to have an idea of what the story is about and if it is something that may interest you (Note that a lot of times these days, this may be misleading as I have fallen victim of several blurbs that pretended to contain certain content that they did not have). Also reading book reviews may also work as a  guide to help you know if a book will interest you or not. You can start with reading the reviews on this blog as a start.

Ultimately, nothing beats reading a wide variety of books and over time, you will identify what you like in books and what you don’t. You will eventually find yourself gravitating  towards particular genres and then SURPRISE! you know your preferred book genre.

My favorite book genre is historical fiction. What is yours? Find out and share with me!


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