Book Review: The Voice Under Silence by Abhijit Sarmah


is a subconcious echo,

of a concious voice, against

a superconcious mind.

– The Voice Under Silence

‘The Voice Under Silence’ is an anthology of twenty seven vivid, provocative and captivating poems. The collection is an expression of the author’s reflection on different aspects of  life’s realities such as love, pain, regret, death, war, politics, poverty and our daily struggles. As a poet, reading this piece is a breathe of fresh air and an encouragement to continue to strive towards using poetry as a tool to teach, to rage, to love and to inspire. Abhijit Sarmah with his unique voice has succeeded in telling many stories in very few words and that, I believe is the essence of poetry.

I was particularly drawn to poems like ‘Poetry’, ‘It Ends For G.D’, ‘An Unfinished Bottle of Scottish Rum’, ‘Death Be There When It’s Morning’, ‘Posthumous’ & ‘Bury, Sleep and Forget. These poems resonated with me in various ways, leaving me full of thoughts and questions.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading and reflecting on the poems in this collection and I recommend it to all poetry lovers.

Rating : 4 Stars

Published: February 10th, 2016 by Self Published

Pages: 50

Genre: Poetry (Anthology)

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The Author: Abhijit Sarmah is a writer, poet and screenwriter from the North-east Indian state of Assam. He has one chapbook of poetry, The Voice Under Silence (February 2016), to his credit. He has contributed to various print and online journals, including South 85 Journal, Salmon Creek Journal, Not Very Quiet and others.


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