One Year…….. a Poem by Biyai Garricks

One year!

From fear to tears,

Dust to dust

A white box

Carries what we’ve lost.

A queen? No doubt you were much more…

Your shoes, no one can fill.

Even as we feel the emptiness of your absence

With all our senses,

We cry,

We hear our cries,

We look in the mirror and see the sorrow,

in our tear-filled eyes,

We taste our salty tears

which make our skin wet and we remember your sweat.

with your bare hands, you built up men, women, children and dreams,

And they speak of your love,

Your compassion, your generosity and your prayers.

One year!

No calls, No words!

Have you eaten?

Are you well?

Are you happy?

No words!

The silence is deafening,

like in our dreams,

we wait for it to end,

we wait for your voice,

It was never our choice,

To stand here without you,

But instead speak of you,

In past tense,

She used to say,

She loved to wear,

and these conversations,

are wearing me out,

because in one year,

we have been forced to live without you,

like caged animals,

we struggle to accept the fact,

that you have been set free,

and we are still here,

left behind to feel the pain,

to feel the emptiness of a home,

of a queen’s empty throne,

of a child without a mother,

of a man without his wife,

of a friend without her own.

One Year!

How time flies,

Time they say is a healer,

but what is time without you,

Just a clock on the wall,

An empty space,

A measure of how long it has been since you left.

One Year!

And we still miss you

And we still love you,

One Year!

And we still miss you

And we still love you.

We remember you,


Your face, your laughter, your smile, your gait of movement, your love

We remember you,



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