Book Review: Own Your Life – Living With Deep Intention, Bold Faith And Generous Love By Sally Clarkson

“If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit” – Galatians 5:25

I stumbled upon sally Clarkson and her beautiful family on Instagram and after a quick investigation about her, I discovered she made weekly podcasts which I am subscribed to. Listening to these conversations and words of wisdom have recently become a part of my life and have added great value to my understanding of God’s word as a wife, mother and everything else that I strive to be.

‘Own Your Life’ is a book that teaches so many things but specifically how to intentionally build your entire life around God and walk according to his purpose. I would never be able to completely express my experience while reading this book and the fulfillment and motivation after in this review but what I am sure of is that I will go back to it again and again to always keep these precious words of wisdom in remembrance.

Sally Clarkson in this book, uses her vast experience as a Christ follower, wife, mother, author, friend, teacher and many other things in-between to encourage women to own their lives by living with bold faith in God and with love. In these 17 chapters, she concentrated on the following areas;

– Barriers to owning your life

– Owning your Priorities

– Owning your True Identity

– Owning your Vision

– Owning God’s Training

– Owning the Mystery of God’s Supremacy

– Owning the Holy Spirit’s Strength Through your Life

– Owning the Spiritual Disciplines

– Owning your Faith

– Owning your Emotional Health

– Owning your Response to Others

– Owning your Integrity

– Owning your Choice to Love

– Owning the Atmosphere of your Home

– Owning your Marriage

– Owning your Motherhood

– Owning the Influence your Life Can Make

Sally is like that older friend that has been through the ups and downs of life and can relate with the difficulties that you face as a young or even older woman. It may sound cliche to say ‘I have been immensely blessed by this book’ but it is what it is!

Parts of the book I found really useful were, Owning the spiritual disciplines, your faith, emotional health, your response to others, your marriage, the atmosphere of your home and your motherhood. I believe that with God’s help I will bear fruit in these areas and much more.

Most importantly, I wish the same for you all, that is why I am highly recommending this book as a must read for all women who need encouragement in their walk with God as we all do. Do get a copy or the audio book which is what I listened to and it was really a fulfilling experience. God bless you all.

Rating: 5 Stars

Published: January 6th, 2015 by Tyndale Momentum

Pages: 224

Genre: Non-Fiction (Christian)

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The Author: From working on college campuses, to sharing the Gospel behind the Iron Curtain as a missionary, travelling around the United States, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Australia to speak on discipleship, Sally Clarkson has tenaciously sought after God’s kingdom, and has used her ministry to encourage others to do the same. From her best-selling books such as Own Your Life, Desperate (with Sarah Mae), and her latest, The Lifegiving Home, Sally has shared from her heart and home about the value of motherhood and the potential for home to cultivate life, love, and faith. In 1995, She and her husband Clay founded Whole Heart Ministries, which has encouraged thousands of families around the world in discipling their children.


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