Book Review: The Voyage Of Saints by Marvin Abe

*I received a copy of “The Voyage of Saints” from Masobe Books in exchange for an honest review.

I really enjoyed reading this book, I was particularly excited when I got to know that it was based on a true story as I am a great lover of historical fiction. It was always a welcome distraction to look forward to after a busy day. “The Voyage Of Saints” is well paced, engaging and many times It felt like I was watching a combination of a thriller and a romantic movie. This page turner turned out to be a heart wrenching emotional roller coaster ride and I loved every moment of it.

Michael has big dreams to sail on a big ship and travel the world. Despite all the road blocks thrown his way, he still finds himself on the path to be a sailor with his eyes on the ultimate prize to be Captain of a ship some day. It is on this journey fate brings beautiful Lami his way. Their love is one that is hard to believe still exists but yet believable as they go through life’s difficulties and challenges especially from external forces. Lami becomes Michael’s pillar and strength, she literally maps out how he would navigate towards achieving his goals and she ensures that he gets to the peak even at her own detriment. Michael on the other hand, is enchanted by her love for him and would do everything to please her so he marries her despite his family’s objections and it seems like this is happily ever after but as they say, even good things come to an end and life happens to this inseparable duo.

I found the characters in this book well developed and authentic especially the two main characters. My favorite character was Lami. I found her lovely, strong and selfless. Her love for Michael one of a kind and her optimism infectious. I had to pause many times and wonder on how large a heart she had and the length she was willing to go for the love of her life. She was really a saint. I also admired Michael’s zeal and tenacity although his stubbornness sometimes infuriated me.

I enjoyed the way the story built up from the beginning with its little twists and the plot was well thought out. I particularly loved the part of the book that just had letters Lami and Michael wrote each other at the times they were apart. It was very romantic and expressive of their love and commitment to their marriage and dreams for each other. Their love many times seemed extremely intense like when two people are infatuated with each other at the beginning of a relationship but this one stood the test of time as it was tried so many times and in so many ways for years on end and it’s foundation was not moved. Being a lover of music, especially old school types, I connected with Lami and Micheal as they played music by Gregory Abbott and the likes. It added more life to the story and fueled my imagination of how things were between them.

The parts of the story I didn’t like were the times they visited native doctors and seers. Even if this did not affect the story or plot, I was frustrated at the characters as they went from one herbalist to another and I got tired of the cycle of events. I wished they had better counsel to seek God’s face in prayer. Unfortunately it was their reality at the time and it seemed like they had no choice.

One key lesson I have learnt from this story is that we have no control over what the future will throw at us. We can have the best plans, dreams and aspirations, we can work hard to achieve them, but we can never know what will happen at the end. Therefore, we can only pray for God’s will in our lives and trust him totally, believing that He only gives us what is best for us even when we may not understand our circumstances.

Overall, it was an interesting read and I wish I got a happy ending but it is what it is. I recommend it to everyone but I advise you to hold your tissue close.

Rating: 4 Stars

Expected Publication Date: December 14th, 2019 by Masobe Books

Pages: 334

Genre: Fiction (Historical)

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The Author: Marvin Abe is an experienced Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the Maritime and Oil and Gas industries, which has earned him wide industry acclaim and recognition in the areas he has served. He has an MBA in shipping and logistics from Middlesex University, London, UK and a post graduate diploma in Maritime Operations and Management from City University, London, UK. The Voyage Of Saints is his first book.


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