2019: My Top 12 Best Reads Of The Year

2019 was a good year in books for me. I started the year with a book challenge of 48 books and I was able to exceed that target as I ended up reading a total of 54 books. I feel awesome. Another achievement for me was meeting my goal to read more non-fiction books this year and I was able to bag 12 of them which is an average of one non fiction book a month and I am glad I did.

I read quite a number of very engaging and interesting books this year but some stood out from the lot.

These are my top 12 rated, highly recommended books I read this year. To read my reviews of any of them, click on “Book Reviews” on the menu of my homepage or search for any of them by their titles in the search box.

I have listed these books in no particular order but if I am pressed to choose my best Fiction read it would be ‘The Tattooist Of Auschwitz’ and ‘The Total Money Makeover’ for non/fiction. So here are my best 12 reads of 2019…….


the tatooist of austwich


Total money makeover


The Subtle act of not giving a Fck


An American marriage


international sisi eko


40591267. sy475




own your life








All books can be purchased on http://www.amazon.com or a bookstore near you.

Have a splendid New Year ahead!










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