Book Review: A 100 Random Light Bulbs By Emma Ugolee

“The system idolizes physical attractiveness and so the woman today most unfortunately thinks she is not worth much without it. A lie. A lie, she must unlearn. A lie, we must stop passing on to the girl child. It is transient and says little about her true value. It would turn heads but not win respect”.  #41 “A Woman’s Worth” – Emma Ugolee in “A 100 random Light Bulbs”

“Calling money nothing is that thing that stops a wife from disrespecting her hubby when she brings in the bread, stops hubby from thinking madam is not sexy enough for the girls he can now afford, keeps greed in check, keeps many hatchets buried and many more legs closed”. #52 “How Much Are You worth” – Emma Ugolee in “A 100 random Light Bulbs”

This year, my plan was to read books with very light themes especially romance novels and I had hoped to keep it up until the end of February before I delve into serious business but “A 100 Random Light Bulbs” truncated this plan.

They say ‘beauty is skin deep’, this is how I feel about this book. I stumbled upon this book on social media and didn’t quite think much of it (I don’t particularly like the cover design) until I read a comment about the author who is said to have battled Kidney disease for the past 10 years. I became suddenly interested to know what he had to say and my experience reading this book is beyond words.

it's on youThis is one of those rare occasions that I am asked to talk about a book I have read and I find it difficult to explain what I feel. This book is about everything. With a 100 short chapters, this book is filled a 100 life lessons and words of wisdom that are motivational, inspirational and true.I would liken it to reading the book of “Proverbs” (One of my favorite books) in the bible but a more modern, witty and “Nigerian” version of it.  Laced with stories from the life experiences of icons, celebrities and the author himself, this book got me thinking deep thoughts and searching for a pen to take notes (I think I underlined almost every page). The topics as random as they can be ranged from friendship, romantic relationships, self worth, pride, responsibility, hope to how to keep secrets, how to filter your “friends” list, coping with slander and making the right choices.

This book is so well written that I can not seem to find one thing I do not like about it.  I have found a treasure chest here and I will definitely keep it close.

Everyone should read this book. It is highly recommended.

“Many times most of us become insecure over how blessed we are because we have constantly been criticized and disrespected by the undeserving company to whom, we stubbornly keep offering ourselves. Sinfully seeking acceptance or approval by people who do not even know half of your capacity. The regular ignorant assessment begins to make some feel less of everything from intelligent to beautiful or even loyal. Is that your story? Please change it right now. Stop looking at cracked mirrors for a complete reflection of you. “Stop giving what is holy to dogs” – #24 “Luciano” – Emma Ugolee in “A 100 random Light Bulbs”.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Published: November 17, 2019 by Design Africa Concept Limited

Pages: 174

Genre: Non – fiction (Motivational)

Purchase @   

or follow @emmaugolee on instagram and inbox him to purchase a copy.

The Author: Born on October 4, 1975 in Jos City, Plateau State, Nigeria, Emmanuel Chinenye Ugolee is an ace Nigerian Broadcaster, TV Presenter and Producer, Poet, Blogger, Writer, Voice over Artiste, Economist and Marketing Communications expert. He is popular for his contribution to the Nigerian entertainment industry where he produced the first all Nigerian Top 10 Music Video Countdown to run on Nigerian Television. He is also the founder of the Nigerian Social Media awards (NSMA). His hit TV show “The Gist With Emma Ugolee” is currently running across Nigeria as one of the one of it’s kind talk show to strictly discuss the problems and prospects of the Nigerian entertainment industry with the nation’s foremost celebrities and stakeholders of the entertainment business in Nigeria as weekly guests. His current project (Something to write home about) is a TV show that flips the narrative on the Nigerian spirit of hard work and global impact as against the popular notion of fraud as perpetrated by a few. Having battled with chronic kidney disease for almost a decade, h is popularly known for his vocal stand and public activities promoting kidney health awareness in Nigeria. “A 100 Random Light Bulbs” is his first published book.


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