Book Review: Chart Throb By Ben Elton

 I have been a fan of Ben Elton for some years now after reading “Inconceivable” and “High Society”, so when I decided to read this book, I had high expectations to be humored and entertained and I definitely was.

Chart Throb is a singing television show (basically like Idols) all produced by Carlton, the stern, no nonsense judge who has a reputation for saying his mind and making contestants cry (he seemed exactly like Simon Cowell in Idols and Britain’s got Talent). The story is a fictional representation of how these sort of shows including most other reality shows are scripted and projected to viewing public. It was terribly hilarious and all the characters seemed so real that it is really difficult or me to believe this is fiction.

My best character was “HRM, The Prince Of Wales” – I loved the way he always said “How are you?, Are you well? It always made me laugh out loud. I also loved Barrel’s character and her drama with her wife and daughters, it was mind blowing. I think the fact that I listened to the audio book made my experience more enjoyable as the narrator changed voices and I could feel the different expressions from the characters when he spoke.

Why I am not giving this book a 5 star rating is because there was a part towards the end of the story where I think the author overdid the plot and I didn’t feel that it was realistic at all but above all, it was a fantastic read.

I highly recommend this book to everyone especially if you love a lot of humor like me and one thing is for sure, I can not sincerely watch any reality show and take them seriously ever again!

Rating: 4.2 Stars

Published: January 9, 2007 by Bantam Press

Pages: 384

Genre: Fiction (Humor)

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The Author: Ben Elton was born on 3 May 1959, in Catford, South London. The youngest of four, he went to Godalming Grammar school, joined amateur dramatic societies and wrote his first play at 15. He wanted to be a stagehand at the local theatre, but instead did A-Level Theatre Studies and studied drama at Manchester University in 1977. His career as both performer and writer encompasses some of the most memorable and incisive comedy of the past twenty years. His ground breaking work as a TV stand-up comedian set the (high) standard of what was to follow. He has received accolades for his hit TV sit-coms, The Young Ones, Blackadder and The Thin Blue Line. More recently he has had successes with three hit West End musicals, including the global phenomenon We Will Rock You. He has written three plays for the London stage, including the multi-award-winning Popcorn. Ben’s international bestselling novels include Stark, Inconceivable, Dead Famous and High Society. He won the Crime Writers’ Association Gold Dagger Award for the novel Popcorn. Elton lives in Perth with his Aussie wife Sophie and three children.


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