Book Review:The Smart Money Woman by Arese Ugwu

 I had heard about and seen copies of this book for a while but since I am not big on non fiction, I decided to pass. However, I recently found out that it had a fictional story in it and this got me interested to read it.

It turned out to be a two in one book, Fiction and non fiction where at the end of each chapter, there is a “Smart Money Lesson”. This is a concept I liked very much as it made learning about finance more interesting and not academic.

The story follows the main character Zuri and her friends who has finally realized that she is broke and living above her means so she sets out to solve her financial woes amongst other issues like the fact that she was still single.

Having read quite a number of books on financial discipline and growing wealth, I found most of the tips in this book a bit too basic for me. Then again, I reckon that I may not be part of the target audience for this book since I am not a millennial and have been in the work force for so many years therefore I believe there are a lot of other young women who would probably really benefit from the personal finance lessons in this book.

The fictional part was what I hoped would have done it for me and though the storyline in it’s totally wasn’t shabby, I found it a bit too elitist and there was too much advertising of people and organizations in my opinion. I understand that the author probably has a lot of respect for most of the people and products she projected in the story but it ended up taking the fun out of the story and may have been better if it was more subtly done. I also found Zuri’s love interest a bit too flawless and their relationship far fetched. I acknowledge that it is not an easy task to write and publish a book so kudos to the author for putting this book out.

I have given it a low rating because it didn’t do much for me but if you have zero knowledge on how to plan and organize your personal finance then this may be a good place to start and I recommend it.


Rating: 2.5 Stars

Published: August 9, 2016 by Matador

Pages: 184

Genre: Self Help

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