Book Review: The Truth About Cads And Dukes (Rescued From Ruin Series #2) by Elisa Braden

This is the second book in the “Rescued from Ruin” series and it gets even better. Check out my review on the #1- The Madness of Viscount Atherbourne by clicking the “Book Reviews” tab on the homepage of this blog.

This story follows the characters from book 1 but focus on another mismatched pair. Yet again an innocent girl is ruined. Jane, the plump, plain daughter of Lady Huxley is a classic wall flower and bookworm who cherishes the company of books more than people. She is used to being ignored at balls by all the gentleman but she doesn’t care for it because she finds them boring and mostly a waste of time. When her best friend’s brother Colin Lacey befriends her and asks for her help, she is naive enough to believe him and this is what leads her to ruin. His responsible but ever grim elder brother “The Duke of Blackmore” decides to right his brother’s mistakes so he marries plain Jane to quell the rumors that threaten not only her reputation but that of her family, but he does not expect that it will be the beginning of self discovery and an opportunity to face his greatest fears.

This was quite a captivating read with action, suspense, romance, heartbreak and steamy sex. I loved how Jane’s character developed in the course of the story and the underlying message of beauty being skin deep. On the other hand, I found Blackmore’s character quite annoying in many ways, sometimes I felt like banging my head on something because of his stubbornness. However, towards the end, I came to understand his actions better and the demons he had been fighting all along. In the times this story is set, since marriages were arranged within the aristocracy, most viewed marriage from a transactional point of view and never believed that one could have passion for one’s spouse and if you did feel any passion, it was not right.

The Duke’s disposition towards love and passion especially in marriage is still very common today among many men who have been influenced by their parents’ marriages which usually shape the standards of how their marriages should be and whether it is proper to show affection to one’s spouse or children even when you love them dearly. This is one of the various problems that affect marriages even today and it is amazing to see that very little has changed in this department since then for some people.

It was a happy ending as expected and I enjoyed every bit of it. I recommend this book to all romance lovers and I am now going off to the next book in the series while also flirting or rather cheating with other books.


Rating: 4.0 Stars

Published: May 29, 2015 by Eliza Braden

Pages: 352

Genre: Historical Romance

Purchase @

The Author: Reading romance novels came easily to Elisa Braden. Writing them? That took a little longer. After graduating with degrees in creative writing and history, Elisa spent too many years in “real” jobs writing T-shirt copy … and other people’s resumes … and articles about giftware displays. But that was before she woke up and started dreaming about the very unreal job of being a romance novelist. Better late than never.
Elisa lives in the Pacific Northwest, where you’re constitutionally required to like the colors green and gray. Good thing she does. Other items on the “like” list include cute dogs, strong coffee, and epic movies. Of course, her favorite thing of all is hearing from readers who love her characters as much as she does. If you’re one of those, get in touch on Facebook (@authorelisabraden), visit her website (, and – most importantly – be the first to hear about new releases, price specials, and awesome free bonuses by signing up for her email newsletter ( It’s easy, quick, and FREE.



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