Book Review: Desperately Seeking A Scoundrel (Rescued From Ruin Series #3) by Eliza Braden

This is the third book in the Rescued from ruin series and it gets better as it goes on. However, you can read it as a standalone novel as most of the important facts from the previous books were highlighted here.

The story centers around Colin Lacey, the scoundrel who single handedly caused the ruin of his sister Victoria in Book 1 and Lady Jane in Book 2. He is still on the run from the deadly Mr Syder, the shrewd owner of the gambling houses he previously visited and is almost at death point on the road when the kind hearted Sarah Battersby rescues him from death. Sarah has her own issues as her father is on his death bed and she needs to marry or find an employment to save her and her mother from starvation. The wicked Mr. Foote is bent on making her his wife but she is determined not to bend to his pressure so she asks this stranger a favor, to pretend to be her betrothed to scare Foote away and Colin agrees as a way to show his gratitude for her kindness.  In the course of tending to Colin’s wounds, she realizes that she has taken to him and it is the same for him but he has to leave because if he stays on, he will be a danger to her. Eventually, a turn of events throws them back together and they are forced to examine if what they feel for each other is real or not.

I really enjoyed this one. Eliza Braden does a good job of pumping up your adrenaline with action and mystery. There were so many angles to the story but how she tied them up all neatly together in the end was amazingly beautiful. I loved Sarah’s character, she is such a lovely soul and I was also happy for Colin in many ways. I believe in redemption and I think everyone deserves a second chance. I didn’t like the Duke of Blackmore in Book 2 but as he became more compassionate towards his brother, I saw him from a different light. All the other characters from the previous books who featured here were a welcome addition and made the experience better.

This is a nice romance novel with loads of twists and thrills to keep you up until the end.  I highly recommend this book to all romance lovers.

P.s It is for ages 21+ in my opinion.

Rating: 4 Stars

Published: December 8, 2015 by Elisa Braden

Pages: 258

Genre: Historical Fiction

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The Author: Reading romance novels came easily to Elisa Braden. Writing them? That took a little longer. After graduating with degrees in creative writing and history, Elisa spent too many years in “real” jobs writing T-shirt copy … and other people’s resumes … and articles about giftware displays. But that was before she woke up and started dreaming about the very unreal job of being a romance novelist. Better late than never.Elisa lives in the Pacific Northwest, where you’re constitutionally required to like the colors green and gray. Good thing she does. Other items on the “like” list include cute dogs, strong coffee, and epic movies. Of course, her favorite thing of all is hearing from readers who love her characters as much as she does. If you’re one of those, get in touch on Facebook (@authorelisabraden), visit her website (, and – most importantly – be the first to hear about new releases, price specials, and awesome free bonuses by signing up for her email newsletter ( It’s easy, quick, and FREE.



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