Travel Adventures: SkyDiveJersey

Today, May 7th is my birthday!

Unfortunately, due to the current realities in the world today, I will not be able to do something as exciting as I had hoped. I had planned to go on the Zipline at Dubai’s Xline Dubai, UAE but here we are all stuck up at home.

I am however, grateful that I have a wonderful family and great friends that are here with me to celebrate yet another awesome birthday and I am grateful to God for his love and care.

I decided to relive my skydiving experience and share with you. I did this two years ago when I turned 40. I wanted to do something memorable that would make me smile anytime I remembered that year and this was made easier for me since I had a friend who volunteered to take the plunge with me (Thanks again Ayo).


skydive nj 3

I had my skydiving experience at SKYDIVEJERSEY! Skydive Jersey is located on the beautiful Alexandria Field in historic Pittstown, New Jersey. Alexandria Field is situated on over 130 acres of pristine countryside and is surrounded by countless acreage of equal beauty. Only an hour from downtown New York City and an hour and twenty minutes from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Skydive Jersey offers the most convenient and scenic tandem skydiving in the tri-state area.


I was super excited to do this and it seemed easy as we sat and watched about 5 or more people each get on a plane and later parachute down to the ground.


I didn’t tell my parents and siblings I was doing this jump because I knew they would discourage me so only my husband, my aunt and cousins who I was visiting in New Jersey.

The magnitude and intensity of the wind 10,000 feet high up in the sky was what shocked me the most. After I got over that, I enjoyed the rest of the experience. A lot of people have asked me if I wasn’t afraid and sincerely I wasn’t at all especially when I was strapped to an expert sky diver.


skydive glide


Nevertheless, I was still glad to be back on the ground which is obvious from my jubilation. Would I do this again? Definitely! So watch out for more adventures from this babe.

I hope you enjoyed watching these videos. Have a blessed day and wish me a happy birthday!



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