Book Review: Fine Wine by Emem Bassey

I recently discovered this author and enjoyed the last book I read by her ( see my review HERE) so I decided to go in search for more of more of her books and my eyes immediately caught this one.

This was another quick but sizzling romance read with a couple of interesting twists.

Sifon is a 29 years old successful business woman. From the moment she sets her eyes on Manny, the handsome 51 year old uncle of her business partner, she is instantly attracted to him. Manny on the other hand, has a policy not to date younger women and is struggling with his sudden attraction to this young beautiful girl. They have a rough start but eventually can’t seem to resist the temptation to be with each other and Manny’s baggage from his past still haunts him. This threatens to tear them apart but in the end love always wins.

This was a great read. I loved it. It is quick, fast paced and fun to read. Unlike many romance novels, this one is different because of the age difference between the protagonists and this made the read more interesting for me. The twist towards the end was a welcome addition to the story making it a romance story with thriller elements. The characters were believable and I could relate to most of them. Sifon was my favorite because despite all she had been through in life she still had a big heart to welcome love when it came. Manny on the other hand was mostly annoying so I didn’t care much for Manny. His rudeness most times was really unnecessary and this affected my rating of this book because I found it difficult sometimes to stomach it. I still feel he is a very lucky man to end up with an angel like Sifon because I don’t think he deserved her.

I highly recommend this book to romance lovers especially if you like the old guy and young girl romance thing. Please note that this book for adults only.


Rating: 4 Stars

Published: 2019

Genre: Nigerian Fiction (Crime/Romance)

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