Travel Adventures: Pau, France.

I have been to Pau, France a number of times and I always love the way this little city makes me feel. Although all my trips to Pau have been work related, I still hope to travel there with my family for a nice, quite and relaxing holiday.

Luckily on my last trip to Pau in 2018, I had a free weekend to tour the city so I jumped at the opportunity.

Pau is a city in southwestern France, set along the Pyrenees mountains’ northern edge approximately 85 km from the Spanish border.

The castle of Château de Pau, birthplace of King Henry IV of France and Navarre.


Out and about at the city center.


Took a ride in a cable car some where around the city center.


I took a walk along the central Pau’s Boulevard des Pyrénées offers countryside views and mountain panoramas.


Beautiful water fountain at city center and the grand Hotel De Ville



One of the things I love the most about this city are the old buildings with their Jalousie windows which makes me feel like I am in a 1950s movie.



This is one of the oldest building in the city and I was told it was about to be refurbished.



Just like most places in France, French is the official language and in a small city like Pau, it is always important to learn some basic French words and phrases to aid easy communication especially if you may need to ask for directions.



Public transportation in Pau is very convenient and I loved taking the bus everyday to work.

My trips to Pau are always fun and I hope to plan a holiday trip there when the world is back to normal and we can all get back to travelling.



Have you ever visited France and if yes what city or cities have you visited?

Share your experience with me in the comment box.

Thanks you coming here!

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