The RovingBookworm Podcast: Episode 5 -Redefining Beauty Pt 1

Hello everyone,

Welcome to Episode 5 of the RovingBookworm Podcast!

A safe space for meaningful and sometimes difficult conversations inspired by books, poetry and music over a cup of tea or two

I hope that this podcast will bring to life interesting perspectives from fiction to real life and it would be something worth your while.

I am excited to be publishing yet another episode of my podcast and I hope you enjoy listening as much as I did when having this conversation.

This episode features me and the beautiful Emem Bassey as we discuss a topic that we are so passionate about.

‘Redefining Beauty: Learning To Be Comfortable In Your Own Skin’

My inspiration comes from two books I read this year and a documentary I saw on Netflix. The two books are titled ‘The Courage To Be Disliked’ by Ichiro Kishimi and ‘The Courage Map: 13 Principles To Living Boldly ‘ by Franziska Iseli (Check out my review of ‘The Courage Map’ HERE ). The documentary is titled ‘Skin’ by Beverley Naya and it is available to watch on Netflix.


Click Here To Listen:–Redefining-Beauty-Pt-1-Learning-to-Be-Comfortable-in-Your-Own-Skin-ehpdbg

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3 thoughts on “The RovingBookworm Podcast: Episode 5 -Redefining Beauty Pt 1

  1. I really loved our talk. As one that has always sort for an avenue to speak into the courage of women to be what they’d been created to be – awesome, this was a perfect opportunity.
    Thank you, Biyai.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Reblogged this on ChuBBy and commented:
    Hey, ChuBBies!

    Do you ever wonder if other chubby people had/have the background experience you might have had?

    Well, wonder no more. Indeed, the experiences might not be the same, however, the structure is. Body shaming should NOT be a thing! You want to shut the shammers up? Confidence is key and it starts with looking within and finding yourself worthy despite your size.

    Enjoy this podcast about how a chubby lady found her way. It’s a ‘gisty’ kind of podcast with aim to help ChuBBies find their way.

    Love and light!


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