Book Review: Fine Maple by Emem Bassey

This author has blown my mind again with another captivating age gap romance story. The book is a short breezy read that can be gulped down in one sitting but with a lot of romance and drama.

It is love at first sight for Bass and Agnes. However, Agnes is a curvy 37 old with two kids while Bass is 30. In a typical Nigerian society  where a man is usually expected to be older than whoever he dates or wants to marry, they make an unusual pair. Agnes is unsure a relationship will workout between the two of them especially with her history but she finds her attraction to Bass unbearable and it doesn’t help that he seems to be everywhere she turns.


This bother-line erotica novel was a delight to read and I loved Bass’s character. He came off as quite a romantic and mature which made it all the more exciting. Typical of the author, she threw in a bit of a suspected crime towards the end and that just did it for me. I really liked this story although I am not a huge fan of love at first sight but I would have loved the story to stretch a bit more with more Bassey’s back story. Otherwise, it was a great read.

I highly recommend but watch out because it is quite steamy!

Rating: 4 Stars

Published: July 17th 2020 by Love Africa Press

Pages: 175

Genre: Romance


The Author:

emem bassey 3

Emem Bassey loves romance in all its forms. She writes what she terms a hybrid romance – love stories with bits and pieces of other genres. All her stories carry plus size heroines and she staunchly believes the world is filled with tragedy, so she writes to entertain and lighten hearts.
Emem lives at Uyo, Akwa Ibom State and is basically a ghost to her neighbors.

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