Field Trip: The Book Cliffs Utah/Colorado, USA.

Hello evereyone!

Thank God it’s Friday!

Today I’m featuring a flashback to my Geoscience Field Trip to the Book Cliffs in Utah/Colorado, U.S.A. last year October with a team of geoscientists.

It was a work/educational trip but as a geologist, it was also a fun trip to be in the outdoors and enjoy nature at it’s best.

I am just going to share some of my photos from the trip while hoping that things will get back to normal soon enough for me to have the opportunity to take such field trips in the near future.

The Book Cliffs

The Book Cliffs are a series of desert mountains and cliffs in western Colorado and eastern Utah in the western United States. They are so named because the cliffs of Cretaceous sandstone that cap many of the south-facing buttes appear similar to a shelf of books. The Book Cliffs are one of the world’s best places to study Sequence Stratigraphy.

Climbing these cliffs was a bit challenging. This trip has made me realize that I am not as fit and strong as I used to be when I was a younger geologist.

This was a fun team of geologists and I would love to be on a field trip with them again.

Smiling to the camera after a good climb to the top.

Beautiful Outcrops of sedimentary rocks

We stopped over at the Dead Horse Point State park, Moab, Utah.

The view here is amazing!

There were also a lot of history lessons from this visit.

I loved every bit of this experience and I can’t wait to be in the outdoors soonest.

So this is it!

I wish you an awesome weekend.


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