Book Review: The Essien Series – The Spin-Off Novels by Kiru Taye

After reading the first three books in this series (check out my review of those on the “Book Reviews” tab), I just couldn’t stop. I had to know what happened to all the other major characters so I continued….

The spin-off novels in chronological order include “Kola”, “A Very Essien Christmas”, “Freddie Entangled” and “Freddie Untangled”.


a very essien christmas

Unidentified biker girl sits on a chopper motorcycle, night view


Unidentified biker girl sits on a chopper motorcycle, night view


Kola’, ‘Freddie Entangled’ and ‘Freddie Untangled’ follow the love lives to Chief Essien’s two adopted sons, Kola and Freddie, how they find love despite their pasts and how they conquer all the obstacles that stood in their way towards happiness. ‘A Very Essien Christmas’ however, is a novella that serves as an update of what all the other “Essiens” in the previous books in the series are now up to with a little more focus on Chief Essien and his wife.

These four books were quite entertaining however, the last two books in the series (Freddie Entangled and Freddie Untangled) was totally an Erotica novel with elements of infidelity which never goes down well with me. It also features some unconventional sexual preferences the characters have which was quite educative but yet made me a bit uncomfortable. I would pick ‘Kola‘ was my best out of the lot because I always liked his character right from the first book in the series and I was happy we got to hear his story and how he found love. I also liked the forgiveness theme that laced the ‘A Very Essien Christmas’. It gave more meaning  and closure to the story in the #3 of the series..

Kiru Taye is fast becoming one of my favorite authors to go to for complete escapism and I will continue to read more of her work. I find most of the stories quick, relaxing and great for a pass time. However, be warned! All these books are pretty steamy and is not suitable be younger readers at all.

Rating: 4 Stars – 4 Stars – 3 Stars – 3 Stars

Published: June 16th 2015, December 23rd 2016, March 31st 2017, July 7th 2017 by KT Press

Pages: 207, 207, 206, 228

Genre: Romance/Erotica

Buy: Amazon

The Author:

Kiru Taye (Author of Keeping Secrets)

As a lover of romance novels, Kiru wanted to read stories about Africans falling in love. When she couldn’t find those books, she decided to write the stories she wanted to read.

Kiru writes sensual stories featuring African characters whether on the continent or in the Diaspora. When she’s not writing you can find her either immersed in a good book or catching up with friends and family. She currently lives in the South of England with her husband and three children.

Kiru is a founding member of Romance Writers of West Africa. In 2011, her debut romance novella, His Treasure, won the Book of the Year at the Love Romances Café Awards. She is the 2015 Romance Writer of the Year at the Nigerian Writers Awards and 2017 Author of the Year at the Ufere Awards. 

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