Monday Morning Motivation: Quotes From Books

Welcome to Monday Morning Motivation!

This is a feature where I will be sharing quotes from books that have motivated and encouraged me in one way or another.

I hope you will find some of these quotes inspiring and uplifting.

This week I’ll be sharing quotes from a book I recently read titled ‘iRise: The 10 Secrets To Getting Up When Life Knocks You Down’ by Joan Nwosu and I was motivated by some of the quotes I found here. I believe they would also help to boost your energy for this new week so please take a look.

“Being unique should be celebrated, and you should not shy away from it. Finding and loving yourself is the only way to win. The moment you begin to stand true to who you are, the world starts to bend to accept and accommodate you. Being someone you’re not is like wearing underwear that’s three sizes too small. You try to get used to it, but it remains uncomfortable; you may forget once in a while, but when you try to make certain moves, it reminds you that it’s still there. It pulls in places that hurt, it cuts you in sensitive places, it limits your blood circulation, it takes away the sprint in your steps, and most importantly, it chips away at your confidence”. – Joan Nwosu in iRise: The 10 Secrets To Getting Up When Life Knocks You Down.

“Every great inventor was labeled crazy, and every successful entrepreneur today was once broke and rejected by many. Choosing to follow your own path is not always easy; it would not be free of tribulations, it would probably be the most difficult thing you go through, and it will stretch you beyond measure, but at the end of it all, you would be a light for that path, creating the pathway for others to follow. Don’t let popularity become your reality. Choose to question
every path you embark on, and if deep down inside of you, you know a different path will serve you better, then take it’. – Joan Nwosu in iRise: The 10 Secrets To Getting Up When Life Knocks You Down.

“The past does not determine the future; sure, it’s a part of who you are and your story, but that’s about it. You can completely rewrite and make changes to whatever has happened to you in life; every day is a new slate to begin all over again. Think of this as a reset button. At any point, one can hit this button and instantly create a new path.
How cool is that? There is no death sentence; there is only the mental torture of being in shackles when they don’t exist. Well, my friend, that ends today, because it’s not serving you, and you deserve to love yourself, flaws and all”. – Joan Nwosu in iRise: The 10 Secrets To Getting Up When Life Knocks You Down.

“Stop comparing your relationships and situations to idealistic views of people portrayed on the internet, through a lens that is often inaccurate. Stop second-guessing yourself, and erase any feeling of self-doubt. Honor where you are in life, trust that wherever you find yourself is for a good reason, and when the time is right to change, you will know. Trust your gut,…” – Joan Nwosu in iRise: The 10 Secrets To Getting Up When Life Knocks You Down.

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