Memory Lane Monday: The Borgia Bride by Jeanne Kalogridis

Happy New Week Lovelies!

Welcome to Memory Lane Mondays!

This is a weekly feature of unforgettable books I have read in times past which have not had the chance to be reviewed on this blog as I read them a long time ago. Lets’ call them my personal classics. I will be featuring a new favorite every week and I hope you will be interested to read and enjoy some as I have.

This week’s pick is….

The Borgia Bride’ by Jeane Kalogridis

I read this book over 16 years ago but the story is etched in my brain. This was my first introduction to 15th century Italian history. I loved how intriguing and almost unbelievable the story was and it spurred my interest to read more books like it.

Has anyone read this book?

The Synopsis:

In the tradition of The Birth of Venus and The Other Boleyn Girl comes a dramatic and compelling story of a princess from Naples who marries into one of the most glittering and infamous families of the Italian Renaissance Sancha of Aragon, beautiful and vivacious, arrives in Rome after marrying an heir to the Borgia dynasty. But Rome, seething with conspiracy and intrigue, is a world away from the sunlit Naples of her childhood. When she discovers her new husband in the embrace of not one, but several women, she is heartbroken. Lonely, she befriends her glamorous and tantalizing sister-in-law, Lucrezia Borgia, whose reputation as a seductress is unparalleled; among her conquests, it is rumored, is her own brother, Cesare. Her jealousy is legendary and some say she has used poison to rid herself of rivals. Gradually, the two women develop a cautious friendship, and Sancha comes to admire Lucrezia’s ability to navigate the dangerous political currents. But when Sancha is seduced by none other than Cesare himself, whose sexual magnetism and cruelty have made him notorious, she realizes she has placed herself in serious danger. If her secret is discovered, it could not only destroy her, but threaten her beloved Naples. Possessed of an indomitable spirit, she must summon courage and cunning to protect her country, her family and herself.

The Author:

Jeanne Kalogridis | Authors | Macmillan

Jeanne was born in Florida , and has been interested in books ever since. Her interest in language led her to earn an M.A. in Linguistics. She taught English as a Second Language for eight years at The American University of Washington, D.C., before retiring to write full time.

She now lives in California with an overly adored Labrador retriever. Her outside interests include yoga and reading everything ever published.

Published: 2005 by Harper Collins 

Pages: 525

Genre: historical Fiction

Buy: Amazon

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