The RovingBookworm Podcast: Life is not a Sprint, It’s a Marathon

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to Episode 17 of the RovingBookworm Podcast.

It’s great to be back here again this week for another episode and I hope you all had a good first week of 2021. My week was pretty busy but fruitful in the end so I am grateful about that.

The last few episodes have been focused on getting us pumped up for the new year and understandably so however, I began to step back and think that we may also want to throw some caution with the pace and drive we plan to use to achieve our goals and aspirations.

In this conversation, I share 5 important things we need to consider and remember as we chase our dreams and aspirations this year.

I have titled this theme

Life is not a Sprint, It’s a Marathon

and you can listen to the episode here.

S4| Episode 48: Overcoming Challenges and Failures The RovingBookworm Podcast

In life, we must face challenges and failures but how we react to these things determine if we can overcome or not. This conversation addresses the common reasons why we fail and some tips on how we can overcome life’s challenges and move on to become successful. — Send in a voice message:
  1. S4| Episode 48: Overcoming Challenges and Failures
  2. S4|Episode 47: Excelling With Multiple Talents
  3. S4|Episode 46: Discovering Your Passion
  4. S4|E45: Embracing Self
  5. S4| Episode 44: What’s Your Identity?

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