Book Tag Tuesday: This Or That Book Tag

I saw this book Tag over at Jenna’s @bookmarkyourthoughts blog and I immediately knew I would do it here. Do check out her blog, it’s a really good one.

This is a tag that tells you a bit more about my life in books and I hope you enjoy reading it and can probably relate to some of my preferences.

So let’s get right into it!

Read on the Bed or Couch

I love to read in bed. It’s my go-to place for reading basically because I read mostly before bed or anytime I want to take a nap. I also have a reading nook by my bookshelf where I read sometimes but my bed is the “place”.

Read at Night or Morning

Definitely at night more. I also read in the mornings but mainly my bible and devotionals.

Male Main Character or Female Main Character


First Person POV or Third Person POV

I love the first person POV more. It makes things very simple and clear to understand.

Trilogies or Quartets

I think I go for trilogies more more because I sometimes find most quartets seem to drag the story too far and it loses it’s punch.

Library or Bookstore

I can’t remember the last time I got a book from a library. Bookstores to the rescue!

Books that make you Cry or Laugh

The more you make me laugh, the better. I have a huge sense of humor and I am always up for a good laugh because life has enough challenging situations to deal with. Definitely books that make me laugh.

Black Book Covers or White Book Covers

This puts me in tight corner because I have never really thought of these two colors when it comes to book covers but I think I will pick white over black any day.

Character Driven or Plot Driven

I believe that good characters always drive a story better. If a story has a great plot but the characters take a back seat I usually don’t find the story as memorable and enjoyable as I would find one which is character driven.

Novels or Short Stories

Although I have come to really appreciate and even love short story collections with it’s advantage of helping me have quick reads but I would always prefer a novel.

So this is it from me.

What do you think?

What do we have in common?

Let me know!

And if you love this tag please consider yourself tagged.

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