Book Review: The Senator’s Daughter by Amaka Azie

I had seen a few reviews of several books written by this author on Bookstagram and decided to try reading one of her books as part of my plan to read new African authors this year.

‘The Senator’s Daughter’ follows Rita, a wealthy politician’s daughter and vlogger with a reputation of being a spoilt brat. She is kidnapped by ex-soldier, Nosa who believes that her father, is an evil and greedy politician that should be punished and brought to book. Set in Abuja, Nigeria, as captor and captive spend more and more time together, even though it seems like they are on opposite sides of the table, they both realize that that they are not too different from each other and this experience change their lives forever. This is a story about love, loss, forgiveness, mental health issues, sexuality and second chances.

This book was a quick read with an interesting theme. I enjoy reading romance stories like this because of the mystery/subtle thriller elements that are thrown into the plot to spice things up. Nosa’s character was my best  as he had a cool head and a really good heart. The author did a good job with her excellent writing style and great character development for the protagonists however, what I didn’t feel was complete in the story were the dynamics of Rita’s family setting. I felt something was missing or didn’t quite add up with the story around her mum, step-mother and brothers. I would have preferred more clarity in these areas to make the story better for me. Nevertheless, it ended well and to my liking and there’s nothing better than that.

I recommend it to all romance lovers especially if you also love a splash of mystery and intrigue. I am definitely reading another book by the author so watch out for more on this space.

P.s I love the cover design!

Rating: 3 Stars

Published: February 26th 2018

Pages: 323

Genre: Romance

Buy: Amazon

The Author:

Author of the Week — Amaka Azie – Literary Everything

Amaka Azie is an award-winning author of romance fiction set in tropical West Africa. She explores the beauty and intricacies of the continent in her sweet and sensual love stories. Born and raised in Nigeria, West Africa, she developed a passion for reading at the age of twelve. Her interest in writing began in secondary school when she joined the press club. Her books showcase bold and exciting female and male main characters with compelling storylines, and her active imagination has captured the interests of many.

Apart from getting lost in creating fascinating fictional characters, Amaka enjoys reading, painting and travelling with her family. She lives in the United Kingdom with her husband and daughters and where she also practices as a part-time family doctor. Amaka was named one of the Most Influential Nigerian Authors Under Forty by the Nigerian Writers Awards (NWA) for the years 2017 and 2018.

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