Book Review: The Days of Silence by Angel Patricks Amegbe

Many thanks to the publishers, Masobe Books for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

‘The Days of Silence’ is a coming of age story of Osase and her life experiences living with her mother and two other sisters. Life has not been easy for the four of them especially after their father left them alone to fend for themselves. After their mother retires from the Nigeria Police Force, things get worse until one of her elder sisters’, Ejiro meets Fade, her knight in shinny armor who sweeps into their lives and changes things for the better. However, Osase is keeping a dark secret she can not tell anyone and she carries this secret all the way to France where she goes to further her education. This affects her life gravely until a series of unexpected events reveals the truth which has been hidden for so long. This is a story of family bonds, love, betrayal and new beginnings.

This is a very quick read which I would attribute to the fact that the story was well written and fluid. The general storyline was good and I found myself being wrapped around the beautifully crafted words until I was done. However, I I could not relate to any of the characters especially Osase and her sisters. Ejiro, I liked a bit but I felt there was something missing in the general character development and this affected my perception of the characters. Also, nothing really stood out as spectacular for me in this story except at the end when Ejiro’s friend showed up and gave me something to ponder about. Otherwise, it was an “okayish” read and I would recommend it if you are looking for something easy to read for your relaxation.

I will be interested to read what else this author will publish in the future though. Fingers crossed.

Rating: 3 Stars

Published: Published March 15th 2021 by Masobe Books

Pages: 201

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

The Author:

Angel Patricks Amegbe – Masobe

Angel is a Nigerian writer and poet. She is from the south but was born and raised in Kano. Upon completion of her degree in Psychology and trying out different careers including modeling, she moved to France in search of purpose. However, she found her first love, writing.

She blogs at, a creative platform where she shares bits of herself as well as inspires women to share their stories unapologetically.

Her mission as a conscious creative is to heal and change the world through storytelling.

She enjoys living in her current home in Belgium surrounded by nature, appreciating and nurturing its beauty, taking long walks and bicycle rides, reading, meditating and enjoying her special blend of tea.

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