Last 10 Books Book Tag

Hello everyone,

I hope your week is going well. I saw this book tag last month on several blogs and immediately took a mental note to join the bandwagon. I love the questions and I hope you will enjoy reading my responses.

Here we go…….

Last Book I Gave Up On


There was some sort of buzz about this book last year on Bookstagram and since I was reading a lot romance novels at the time, I decided to give it a try. Unfortunately, It wasn’t for me at all. I actually read it halfway and decided that life was too short to continue reading anything I didn’t quite like. I read mainly for entertainment so I have vowed never to read any book that I don’t find entertaining.

Last Book I Re-Read

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I read this book like a devotional because I love the book of proverbs but this one comes with prayers after every chapter 2hich is like a bonus. On an average, I read this book at least eleven times every year since 2009 since I discovered it. I am on my second paperback copy because I used the first one until the pages were falling out. Now I double it up with my copy on the SCRIBD app on my phone. I always recommend this book to all Christians.

Last Book I Bought

51058445. sx318 sy475

I am currently reading this one. I read a very hilarious book by the author and quickly decided to read another book by her so I bought this book on the OkadaBooks App and It’s looking good already.

Last Book I said I Read But Didn’t

I don’t have such a book. There are books that are quite popular in the reading community especially several classics that I haven’t read but I don’t feel pressured to read them at all. I read what I like and I guess that’s it.

Last Book I wrote In The Margins

This is another thing I don’t do at all. What I do mostly is to highlight lines in books (both paperback and ebooks). I may use a pen to underline the lines but I do not write in the margins at all.

Last Book I Had Signed

55437243. sy475

Thanks to the author for sending me a signed copy of this book. It is well appreciated. And good book by the way.

Last Book I Lost

18158562. sy475

I am not sure I lost this book though. I think someone borrowed it and has refused to return it. I can’t for the life of me remember who it is and I am very unhappy about it because it is on my re-read list this year and I will definitely have to replace it because I really loved the trilogy.

P.s If you are with this book of mine and you are reading this, please be a good person and send it back!

Last Book I had To Replace


This is another book I had to replace because I couldn’t find it. I am very particular about my Philippa Gregory collection so it is still a puzzle how this book got lost/missing. Anyway, I replaced it with a new one which has a different cover and I am glad I did.

Last Book I Argued Over

52395194. sx318

I am one that firmly believes in the saying “one man’s meat is another man’s poison” therefore I respect other people’s opinions that do not align with mine simply because it’s their opinion anyway. However, in the case of this book, I had a discussion with someone who didn’t quite agree with my opinion or perspective regarding the story and my response as usual was, “let’s agree to disagree” but this person didn’t want to let go up to the point that my book reviewing skills/capacity was questioned. It ended up in a very exhausting argument that made me promise that I would never let myself go down such a rabbit hole ever again.

Last Book I Couldn’t Find

This will be the same response as “Last Book I Lost”

So this is it from me on this book tag. I hope you enjoyed reading.

See you next time on Book tag day and keep shinning!

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