Book Review: The Lady Of The Glass House by Oluwabusayo Madariola

Firstly, many thanks to the author for sending me an autographed copy of her book in exchange for an honest review. This is the first book I am reading by the author so I went in with little or no expectations except for what the blurb said.

‘The Lady of the Glass House’ is a story that follows the lives of Apeke & Joshua Jr. Townsend going back in time two generations before either of them. Apeke & Joshua Jr. Townsend are happily married with a son. They are also the majority shareholders of the marketing conglomerate, ” A’Kore ” which they had both built from the bottom up, thanks to Apeke’s tenacity and strong will. As a group of minority shareholders team up to sack Apeke as CEO of the A’Kore Conglomerate by false accusations and forgery, Apeke has no choice but to act fast before she looses all that her family has worked for. This is a story about love and trusting God’s will for our lives.

I had mixed feelings about this book. Based on the title and the blurb, my expectation was that most of the book would focus on “The lady in the glass house” but only about a quarter of the story was about her while the rest of the book took us back in time, featuring generations past. As a lover of historical fiction, I welcomed and enjoyed reading those parts of the story especially when it gave light to some of the history around the early Anglican Church in Nigeria and how the missionaries interacted with the people in the villages. However, I felt that those parts were overstretched and at some point I wasn’t sure if some of it needed to be told. It almost seemed like I was reading two separate stories or books entirely. I left the story feeling like I didn’t know enough about how Apeke grew her company to what it became at the end. Nevertheless, this is a book I will recommend especially if you love historical fiction and I look forward to reading more work by this author.

Rating: 3 Stars

Published: 2021 by Zoe & Phil

Pages: 287

Genre: Fiction (Historical)

The Author:

Oluwabusayo Madariola - Consultant in Ikeja, Lagos

Olúwabùsáyọ̀ Mádaríọlá, a full-time writer and author residing in the city of Lagos, Nigeria. She is passionate about the activation of our potentials as humans, especially of the female gender, which is the central theme of most of her works of fiction.
She loves reading and writing and became a writer after leaving the employment of the financial organization she worked in for several years.

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