Book Review: Red Lines by Timi Waters

I met this author on Instagram and became curious about her writing and work especially as I am currently in search of fresh new authors I may like. So I decided to purchase her novel (which is the first in a trilogy) and only got the chance to read it recently. I purposely decided not to read any reviews of the book which means I went into this with zero expectations.

‘Red Lines’ is a multi-themed and action packed story which follows the affluent Ajibade twins, Folu & Fola, co-owners of the Bade Inc. Company which they inherited from their parents. Both men are bull headed goal getters and have had their share of disagreements over several issues but this eventually reaches a climax when they both meet the same girl, the beautiful Bekere on the same day although on different occasions and fall in love. Bekere is a simple homely girl who works as a pre-school teacher and is passionate about her job and the children under her care. As she crosses paths with the Ajibade twins, her somewhat easy and simple life suddenly becomes complicated as she finds herself in the middle of a feud which gets worse as time rolls by. This is a story about toxic sibling rivalry, lust, betrayal, abuse, control and deep secrets.

This book started as a slow burn for me but by the time I got to the third chapter, I was hooked. I just couldn’t stop reading because I was eager to know what would happen next. It almost felt like I was watching an action packed movie that keeps you at the edge of your sit. The writing was good and the story line was fluid although It would have been better if a cleaner editing job was done which is one of the major reasons I didn’t give it a 5 star rating. Also I can not say there was a character I particularly liked in this story because I found almost everyone on the extreme side of things. The protagonist, Bekere I really wanted to like and root for but I couldn’t relate with some of the choices she made. Nevertheless, this is was a fantastic read and I highly recommend it to all fiction lovers. I am currently reading the second book in this series (Waiting On Two Red Lines) and it is already blowing my mind so watch out for my review of this book soon.

Rating: 4 Stars

Published: July 6th 2020

Genre: Fiction (Romance)

The Author:

Timi Waters is a West African Writer. She has been writing short stories, poems, and blog articles for over ten years. Timi has always been a writer and storyteller. She wrote her first article, The Effect of Drug Abuse on the Nigerian youth, which featured in her secondary school magazine at the age of thirteen. She spent over five years working at a diction and phonetics organization where she wrote short stories for children, manuscripts on reading with phonetic sounds, and supervised the writing and editing department. Her new novels, RED LINES and WAITING ON TWO RED LINES, are the first and second part of a Trilogy wherein she expressed her love for Books, Music, Art, and Fashion. She currently lives in Lagos, Nigeria with her husband and a library full of books.

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