Book Review: Waiting On Two Red Lines by Timi Waters

This is the second book I am reading by the author and also the second book in the ‘Red Lines’ trilogy. I immediately jumped into reading this one after I finished the first book (Check out my review in “Book Reviews” on this blog) because I was now invested in the story and wanted to know how things would unfold.

In this book, the bitter war between the Ajibade twins, Folu and Fola continues even after Folu and Bekere tie the knot. Fola is determined to get Bekere by any possible means while Folu is even more determined to keep her as his wife and as far away from Fola as he can. This causes them both to play dirty by crafting lies and exposing long hidden secrets which will eventually throw Bekere in a cloud of confusion. As events turn from bad to worse, Bekere knows she has to make a decision but each twin seems to have a hold on her on different levels and she is not sure of how to play this game.

This story is so dramatic. The best way I can describe it is, it feels like watching a TV series that is filled with twists and turns at every point or episode. It reminded me of one in particular (titled Jacob’s Cross which aired on DSTV years ago) which I watched a few episodes and gave up. I read this book until my eyes hurt but refused to put it down until I got to the last page because I wanted to see if events would go in the direction I was predicting in my head but unfortunately things seemed to go south with all the main characters. Filled with mind boggling surprises and outrageous outcomes, I felt in this second book the author tried to do too much and ended up with quite a number of holes in the plot and sometimes weak explanations for why certain events occurred. This in my opinion gravely affected the entire storyline which I know had a lot of potential to be better than it turned out to be for me. Again, the main characters though with back stories that were supposed to explain their consistent irrational behaviors, didn’t still make them relatable or didn’t give place for empathy. Bekere’s character grew to be so annoying that I found myself having talks with her while reading the book (LOL). Unfortunately, the story is not over yet. I am off to reading the last book in this series and I hope all ends well for everyone involved.

However, it was still very engaging and thought provoking. I would still recommend especially for readers who love a lot of drama in their stories. I honestly believe the author would do very well if she decides to write for TV or screen play. Kudos to her.

Rating: 3.5 Stars

Published: September 27th 2020

Genre: Fiction (Romance)

The Author:

Timi Waters is a West African Writer. She has been writing short stories, poems, and blog articles for over ten years. Timi has always been a writer and storyteller. She wrote her first article, The Effect of Drug Abuse on the Nigerian youth, which featured in her secondary school magazine at the age of thirteen. She spent over five years working at a diction and phonetics organization where she wrote short stories for children, manuscripts on reading with phonetic sounds, and supervised the writing and editing department. Her new novels, RED LINES and WAITING ON TWO RED LINES, are the first and second part of a Trilogy wherein she expressed her love for Books, Music, Art, and Fashion. She currently lives in Lagos, Nigeria with her husband and a library full of books.

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