Book Review: Two Red Lines by Timi Waters

This is the 3rd and last book in the trilogy and I have reviewed the first two books on this blog in “Book Reviews” and you can check them out.

The story continues as the Ajibade twins fight head to head to win Bekere’s heart. Things get out of hand as Bekere’s pregnancy comes to light and this threatens to tear down Folu and Bekere’s marriage of over three years. Bekere is at cross roads and she must choose which twin to go with or let them both go.

At this point, looking at the entire story with hindsight, I think this story was over stretched and may have done better if it was all packed up in two books or even 1. The premise of the story and the main themes had a lot of potential to be better in my opinion but fell a bit short for me because there were several parts to the story that didn’t do much to the plot at all and did not need to be in the story. This last book dragged on for so long but I was determined to finish the book because I was already invested in the story and needed closure. I had mixed feelings on how the story eventually ended and would have preferred a different narrative. However, I found the author’s style of writing very fluid and I admit that the drama and constant turn of events in the story was entertaining. This is why I would still read more of this author’s work in the near future. I still believe the author will do well writing for screen and TV and should also explore those areas.

I purchased all three books on the Okadabooks app and I recommend you check them out too.

Rating: 3 Stars

Published: September 27th 2020

Genre: Fiction (Romance)

The Author:

Timi Waters is a West African Writer. She has been writing short stories, poems, and blog articles for over ten years. Timi has always been a writer and storyteller. She wrote her first article, The Effect of Drug Abuse on the Nigerian youth, which featured in her secondary school magazine at the age of thirteen. She spent over five years working at a diction and phonetics organization where she wrote short stories for children, manuscripts on reading with phonetic sounds, and supervised the writing and editing department. Her new novels, RED LINES and WAITING ON TWO RED LINES, are the first and second part of a Trilogy wherein she expressed her love for Books, Music, Art, and Fashion. She currently lives in Lagos, Nigeria with her husband and a library full of books.

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