Author Interview: Jessica Tagbajumi

Hello everyone, Welcome to our monthly feature for authors. The author for the month of August is the Jessica Tagbajumi, author of the recently published novel 'Euphoria' which is one of the Twinbliss romance series. I am currently reading Euphoria and would put up my review of the book soonest. Jessica is giving us an... Continue Reading →

Book Care: 5 Ways To Keep Your Books In Good Condition


If you are a bookaholic like me, books are probably one of your priced possessions. Ensuring that my books are well kept and will outlive me, is my ambition as it would all be a waste to have spent a lot of money buying so many books when they will be destroyed and can not be used by another generation.

Here are 5 ways that have helped me keep my books in good condition and I am positive it will be of help to you too.

Book shelf

  1. Store your books in a book shelf: If you don’t already own a book shelf, then go and buy one. Shelve all your books preferably in an upright position and support them with bookends so they won’t slump. You can also decorate your book shelf with picture frames and other nice decorations. This would make you feel good, I promise you.

book care hands 2. Always…

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7 Easy Ways To Help Your Kids Love Reading.


Reading books is a huge part of my family culture and this is not because I am an unapologetic bookworm. My kids love reading books as a result of my constant commitment to deliberately encourage and motivate them to read. This is not easy sometimes as you have to literally fight a never ending war with TV, Netflix and different games on their tablets but from my experience, perseverance pays.

Here are 7 easy ways that have helped my kids love reading and I believe they will help your kids too.

  1. Start Earlybaby reading

Introduce reading to your kids as early as possible. It is never too early to start. Even when you are pregnant, you can read aloud to your unborn baby but if you think it seems weird, wait until your baby is born then read to your child. Little baby picture books are usually ideal at this stage…

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Historical Fiction: A Fun Way To Learn About The Past


Let’s face it, history books can be very boring except you are a historian of course: but, there are other fun ways to learn about the history of the world without getting bored.

I have always been drawn to history right from my childhood days. My mother happens to be a historian and she was a huge influence. But, I also remember watching movies like ‘The King And I’, ‘My Fair Lady’, etc,  over and over again because I was intrigued by the times they were set in; and though they were fun movies, they also subtly taught me about events that occurred in historical times. For example, as a child, ‘The Sound of Music’ gave me a glimpse of people’s fears about the Nazis, while ‘Escape from Sobibor’, which I saw in my teens, exposed some of the atrocities of the Nazis more clearly than any textbook could. So…

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5 Quick Tips To Get You Reading More Books!


Quite a number of people have asked me how I manage to read so many books. In these days of fast cars, fast foods and fast lives, it is not strange that people don’t seem to find the time to read as many books as they would love to.

Here are 5 tips that help me read many books each month, more than the average person even though I still hold down a day job.

1. Decide what type of books interest you: I love historical and Christian fiction so they are my first go-to books. I also have particular authors whom I love their work because in my own opinion, they write very well. This does not mean that I don’t read other genres but sticking to my preferred genre and authors increases the possibility of me reading more books. What kind of books do you like? Fiction? Non-fiction?…

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