Author Interview: Jessica Tagbajumi

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Welcome to our monthly feature for authors.

The author for the month of August is the Jessica Tagbajumi, author of the recently published novel ‘Euphoria’ which is one of the Twinbliss romance series. I am currently reading Euphoria and would put up my review of the book soonest.

Jessica is giving us an opportunity to get a glimpse of her her life as a writer and published author. I hope you enjoy reading her answers to these ten questions but first let me introduce her to you all.

So here we go…..

The Author:

Jessica is an avid reader and writer of fiction, which she posts on her personal blog. If she is not writing or working, she is sweating it out in the gym or creating user centered designs for digital products. Jessica lives in Lagos, Nigeria with her dogs, Kim and Snow. She loves discovering new things and believes the world is bigger than you can ever imagine.
Her motto: #Write #Love #Magic
Find Jessica here:

The Interview:

What were the early influences on your writing and how do they manifest in your work?

Jessica: I grew up reading The Famous Five, Mills and Boons, Harry Potter and anything I could lay my hands on but it was Harry Potter that piqued my love for speculative fiction. Now that I have begun my writing career, I love to put fantastical elements in my writing. It’s always fun to see how characters react to the supernatural. 

What is the biggest surprise you experienced after becoming a writer?

Jessica: I was actually surprised that people cared about what I wrote enough to actually read it. Prior to releasing my debut novel, I had this fear that no one was going to buy the book. Surprise! Surprise! Everyone came for the book launch and bought a book or two. It was a delight!

Does writing energize you or exhaust you?

Jessica: It’s a little bit of both. Sometimes, when the story doesn’t hold back, I find myself enjoying it and even after I’ve finished writing the chapter or scene, I want to write some more. But I’d be a liar if I said I don’t experience difficult moments in my writing. When this happens, I feel exhausted afterwards, especially if I’d to force it. 

 How did publishing your first book change your process of writing? 

Jessica: It made me realize that outlining your story is worth it. For my first story, I didn’t outline but I’ve come to understand that outlines make your story crisp and seamless. There’s really no point jumbling your plot ideas in your mind when you can just list them out in order.

What books have fortified you as a writer?

Jessica: Harry Potter is number one on this list. But I have also fallen in love with The Son of The House by Cheluchi Onyemelukwe, Indigo by Molara Wood because her writing is just too beautiful and her use of speculative elements is so refreshing, The Hundred Wells of Salaga by Ayeash Harun Attah and many more that if I start to mention, they’ll fill up the entire page. 

What genre do you consider your books? Have you considered writing in another genre?

Jessica: Pheew! I think I’m one of those writers who love to explore different genres. My first book is African Fantasy, my second and third are romance. I am currently writing a sci-fi story for a comic book adaptation, and a children’s book  I hope to release next year. I’m not afraid to try my hands on different genres. Who knows what genre will rake in the millions.

 Have you written any other books that are not published?

Jessica: There’s one I am writing and it is currently the hardest project I’ve had to write. It’s an African fantasy, drawing inspiration from my ethnicity. I hope to finish it but inspiration is lagging at the moment.

What is the most difficult part of your artistic process?

Jessica: Fleshing out my characters in detail and filling up the plot holes. This is something that I continue to struggle with but I have found many resources that help keep me on track.

What does literary success look like to you?

Jessica: I wouldn’t mind massive book sales that send me into early retirement – lol – but I’d be really fulfilled as a writer if people read and enjoy my work. If people can resonate with my writing, then I’d say I’ve achieved some success.

Tell us something about yourself not many people know about?

 Jessica: I love food so much that I was nicknamed “Never Give Up” in Uni. The reason is, if you put a plate of food in front of me, I won’t stop eating until every last grain or morsel or whatever, is finished. 

Many thanks to the author for obliging to be interviewed and I hope you all enjoyed reading her response to the questions as much as I did.

What did you find most interesting in this interview?

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