Book Review: Delight (A Twin Bliss Resort Series Novel) by Glory Abah

Earlier this year, I read two books and a short story by the author. One of which happens to be on my 2021 Top reads list with a 5 stars rating. Therefore, I had a somewhat high expectation from this author.

This is an “enemies to lovers” romance story about Destiny and Rotimi. These two were secondary school classmates and not the best of friends to say the least throughout their time in school. Years later, an all expense paid reunion has been organized at the luxurious Twin Bliss Resort in Bodo island by an anonymous classmate and Destiny suspects it is being sponsored by Rotimi since he is now the biggest R&B star in the country. Although she doesn’t look forward to seeing him again, she also has plans to start off a new business venture which requires her to travel to Bodo so she makes the trip. Rotimi on the other hand, is looking forward to seeing Destiny since his crush on her from their days at school refused to die. As the old classmates catch up while participating in several fun activities together, Rotimi uses the opportunity to connect with Destiny but she still seems to carry the anger she has had for him from way back. As they begin to interact, Destiny sees a different Rotimi from who she has always thought he was but can she trust him especially when she is developing some strange feelings for him? This is a story about forgiveness, courage, determination and giving love a chance.

This book kept me up at night and I had to finish reading it before I could go to sleep. It is a quick, witty story that ticks almost all my boxes for what I want from a good romance novel. The characters were colorful, relatable and I loved Destiny’s mind as the story was told from her eyes. The book was also well written and well paced. Although, I am not necessarily a fan of the “enemies to lovers” troupe, this one was really good and I hope to read more books like this by the author going forward.

I highly recommend!

Rating: 5 stars

Published: August 6th 2021 by Glory Abah

Genre: Romance

The Author:

Glory Abah is a die-hard romantic. She loves reading books that make her smile and now, she writes them too. She is also a Creative Writing Coach and hopes to build a new generation of African writers.

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