Book Review: A Way Of Escape by Jacqueline Stewart

Many thanks to Jacqueline Stewart, the author for a copy of this book. This is my first book by the author and I had zero expectations getting into it.

I finished reading this book in one sitting because from the first few pages I was hooked. ‘A Way of Escape’ is a novella that follows Donavan and Michelle, who have been dating exclusively for five years and their story mirrors the complicated nature of relationships and how many of us manage to navigate this ever changing space.

I was blown away by the characters, the plot, and the themes that the story carried. It’s got an “enemies to lovers”/”secret baby” troupe going on which ordinarily are both not my thing but this one, I loved. Despite the short length of the book, it covered issues such as love, infidelity, trust and second chances.

What I liked most about the characters was the fact that they were relatable and I could understand their different actions and reactions even when I may not have agreed with some of their decisions. Michelle was my favorite character although I screamed at her a couple of times during my read.

The writing was fluid and authentic to the setting and even though the story started and ended well, I still felt like I wanted more. Not necessarily from this story but perhaps from the author. This is a book I highly recommend to everyone who loves romance. However, if you are triggered by themes around infidelity then this may not be your thing. I am eager to read more books by the author and I wish her luck in her writing career.

Rating: 5 stars

Published: July 14th 2021

Pages: 183

Genre: Romance (Novella)

The Author:

Jacqueline Stewart

Jacqueline Stewart resides in the state of Louisiana. She’s a military spouse and mother of two children. She graduated from Northwestern State University, where she obtained her bachelor’s degree in liberal arts. Her roots in writing began with play productions. Jacqueline has written several inspirational plays, a web-series, and a short film. She’s also written inspirational books. Jacqueline is excited to expand her creative writing to women’s fiction and short stories. She hopes that her writing brings joy, laughter, and purpose to her readers.

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