Book Review: Fine Ending (Age is No Bother Bk 4) by Emem Bassey

This is the fourth book in the ‘Age is no bother’ series by the author and it has been a jolly good ride. This one is a very short novella so it was more like icing on the cake.

‘Fine Ending‘ gives us closure on Celia (Mandy’s best friend) and Clement Adebayo’s story. Clement who previously worked with Celia as an intern at the company she co-owns with Mandy, shows up on Mandy and Joe’s wedding day much to Celia’s surprise. Although she has always had the hots for him, the fact that he is much younger had deterred her from even thinking in that direction and of course her position as his boss. As both of them find themselves in close proximity on the night of the wedding, they have no choice but to deal with the feelings they have bottled up for so long and hope that it would take them somewhere they would both be happy to be.

This one was a very quick read. I actually expected more but I had to be content with what I got. The author has got me to like reading romance series because she does them really well and keeps you coming back for more. I am a bit sad that this book ends this series but I acknowledge that good things also end. I am looking forward to reading yet another series by her so watch this space for more reviews.

I highly recommend!

Rating: 4 Stars

Published:  February 9th 2021 by Love Press Africa

Genre: Romance (Novella)

The Author:

Emem Bassey

Emem Bassey loves romance in all its forms. She writes what she terms a hybrid romance – love stories with bits and pieces of other genres. All her stories carry plus size heroines and she staunchly believes the world is filled with tragedy, so she writes to entertain and lighten hearts.
Emem lives at Uyo, Akwa Ibom State and is basically a ghost to her neighbors.

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