When No One is Watching by Linathi Makanda: Book Review

“In your arms, I’m Fluid enough to take any shape and form” – Linathi Makanda in When No One is Watching

As a poet, it is important for me to read as much poetry as I can however, I sometimes find it hard to connect to most I have tried to read in recent times. This collection was a breath of fresh air and I am glad I took the chance to read it.

‘When No One is Watching‘ is a beautiful collection of poems that tell a wholesome story of love, loss and hope. Most of the poems evoked strong emotions in me because they were relatable and precise in the way they expressed love, pain, regret, grief and desire. I also loved the author’s style of writing her poems, short but driving the message home with a punch. This is a quick read that can be read in one sitting but the words will remain with you for a long while. Linathi is a poet to watch in this generation and I am eager to read more by her going forward.

I highly recommend.

“Pain is the best producer of beautiful art” – Linathi Makanda in When No One is Watching

Rating: 5 Stars

Published: January 28th 2020 by Odyssey Books

Pages: 100

Genre: Poetry

The Author:

Linathi Makanda

Linathi Makanda is a writer and all-round creative based in South Africa. Her debut poetry collection When No One Is Watching, published by Australian publishing house Odyssey Books has since caught the attention of international and local masses in how emotionally gripping it is. Makanda is a young creative who strongly believes in the art of vulnerability and goes about her art with the same energy.
Her photographic works have been internationally recognized by publications such as Vogue Italia, Color Bloc Magazine as well as Michigan’s Saginaw Valley State University art journal, Cardinal Sins. Additionally, her visual, Seasons, which blends elements of art direction, poetry, and videography has been featured by New Plains Review, a platform by the College of Liberal Arts at the University Of Central Oklahoma. This body of work was also recently selected to screen at the Lift Off OnlineFilm Festival in the UK, under Short Films.

Since the publication of her collection, she has been seen on local platforms such as Hear My Voice and featured on local publication, Drum Magazine. Makanda continues to venture into her crafts driven by vulnerability and hopes to continue expressing herself in many other spheres of art.

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