Book Review: Ginika’s Bridesmaids (Isioma) Book 2 by The Fertile Chick

This is the second book in the series and after reading book 1, I was really excited getting into this book with high expectations.

The story follows Isioma, one of Ginika’s bridesmaids and childhood friend. Isioma after leaving a long term relationship with her university beau, she falls in love with the handsome and charismatic Karibi Graham-Hart after a one night stand at an office retreat. Unfortunately, Karibi doesn’t seem to feel the same way and she spends the next few years trying to get over her feelings for him. Unfortunately for her, fate throws them at close proximity again and she quickly realizes her feelings for Karibi are still hiding deep inside her heart. A relationship ensues between the two but Isioma soon finds out that Karibi’s heart still belongs to another and she is unsure if he will ever be hers as she deeply desires. This is a story about friendship, love, second chances, forgiveness and God’s timing.

This was another captivating story which apart from Isioma’s entanglement with Karibi also tells us more about her background and how that affected the person she became in adulthood. One of the high points for me was the fact that the story highlighted the emotional and psychological effects abandonment in childhood can have on a person’s character and choices. However, I would have preferred for the story to be shorter, the end seemed a bit too rushed for my liking and I had mixed feelings about the way the story ended.

Nevertheless, it was a very entertaining read and I would definitely recommend to everyone. Next is Book 3 (Ife).

Rating: 4 Stars

Published: December 24th 2020

Pages: 328

Genre: Romance

The Author:

The Fertile Chick

The Writer, who became an Engineer, who became an Investment Banker, who became a Fertility Spokesperson, who became…a Writer.
That has been the journey of A. T. Nwokedi, aka The Fertile Chick. A self confessed hopeless romantic, when she is not creating new characters, she devotes her time to creating memories with her husband and their three children.

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