Book Review: Ginika’s Bridesmaids Book 3 (Ife) by The Fertile Chick

This is the third book I am reading in this series and things are really getting more intense.

Ife is a character I was so eager to know her story especially with all the speculations and revelations about her in the last two books. In this story, Ife has finally decided to end her situationship with her long time boyfriend Olumide who is and has been married with children to Moji for quite a number of years. Although Ife is still very much kept by the wealthy Rahim who has given her everything she need that money can buy, on a trip to Bora Bora to clear her head, she meets Diekola and a relationship which they both don’t plan develops. With Ife’s reputation in Lagos as a “runs-babe” she doesn’t believe that things will ever work out between Diekola and herself but as they continue to spend time in each other’s company, they realize what they feel is something they may never want to let go of. This is a story about toxic relationships, forgiveness, second chances and love.

This was also a good read although it was difficult for me to relate to Ife’s character. This story is an example of how many young girls, in search of love and attention end up in toxic relationships that basically ruin their lives. The story also highlights how judgmental we are as a people, not ever willing to give people who have made mistakes in their past a second chance to try again. To be honest, at some point I also got frustrated by the decisions Ife was making even though it made for a good reading experience. However, it has also made me to think deeply about how showing compassion and empathy to people like Ife will go a long way to get them out of the places they have been stuck in for years. This story held me until I was done with it and I was glad I got my happy ending after everything. As usual with this series, I would have preferred a shorter story, I felt that some parts didn’t add much to the general plot but still I highly recommend. My review of Book 4 (Ozioma) is loading….

Rating: 4 Stars

Published: September 24th 2021

Pages: 358

Genre: Romance

The Author:

The Fertile Chick

The Writer, who became an Engineer, who became an Investment Banker, who became a Fertility Spokesperson, who became…a Writer.
That has been the journey of A. T. Nwokedi, aka The Fertile Chick. A self confessed hopeless romantic, when she is not creating new characters, she devotes her time to creating memories with her husband and their three children.

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