Book Review: Wahala by Nikki May

This was one of my anticipated reads for this month and I had high hopes for it even though this is the author’s debut.

‘Wahala’ is a story about three best friends who believed they had a secure and close knit friendship until Isobel, the fourth leg jumps into their circle and exposes what may have always been there from the beginning. From London to Lagos, the story takes us through the lives of these four women, cataloging their experiences, insecurities, challenges, fears, triumphs and failures. It carries themes such as friendships, toxic relationships, love and second chances.

I really wanted to love this book because it brought came with some elements of nostalgia for people like me as a child growing up in the 80s. There was also the Nigerian food and recipes that were a huge part of the story and I really enjoyed reading those parts. However, at some point I began to feel it had hit a plateau and it was just taking me around in circles. Although it eventually picked up towards the end, I still didn’t find any of the characters relatable or likable. Also, I wasn’t sold out on their so called “best friendship” and the end of the story was a bit contradictory in my opinion. However, there were still a few lessons to learn and some funny parts that you will totally get only if you are Nigerian.

In conclusion, it was just an okayish quick read for me.

Rating: 3 stars

Published: January 11th 2022 by Custom House (first published January 6th 2022)

Pages: 384

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

The Author:

Nikki May

Born in Bristol, raised in Lagos, NIKKI MAY is Anglo-Nigerian. She ran a successful ad agency before turning to writing. Her debut novel WAHALA was inspired by a long (and loud) lunch with friends. It will be published around the world in January 2022 and is being turned into major BBC TV drama. She lives in Dorset with her husband, two standard schnauzers, and way too many books.

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