Four For February: Highly Anticipated Reads This New Month

Hello everyone and a happy bookish month to you!

As always, new month new books. January turned out to be a relatively good reading month for me and I hope that February will even be much better.

There are four books to be released this month and I highly anticipate reading each of them. Here they are….


59883690. sy475

Published: February 9th, 2022 by MasobeBooks

Pages: 309

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Synopsis: On the eve of Valentine’s Day, Oghogho ‘Gigi’ Dempster wore her heart on her sleeve. At almost thirty-one, she was single and ready to mingle after nearly two years of relegating her love-life to the curb in favour of growing her fledgling social media company. Her beautiful best friend Alana was newly pregnant for the love of her life, Benjamin Halal, and her sister Efemena ‘Fifi’ was married to wealthy aristocrat, Lotanna Dike. But on that February 13th night, Gigi wasn’t looking for what her best friend and sister had; not love or marriage, but a temporary connection and intimacy. How could she have known that that night would dramatically alter the course of her life?


60027842. sy475

Expected Publication Date: February 10th, 2022 by Omolara Olarerin

Pages: 66

Genre: Short Stories

Synopsis: Old legends passed down from generation to generation…
Long-forgotten translations of Yoruba folktales and ballads you’ve never heard before all collected in this wonderful folktale collection called Alo.
Here you will find stories of the crafty tortoise’s exploits, how wild animals got their spots, how a spirit husband duped the proud Olajumoke, how Oluronbi lost her lovely daughter, find out what secrets the paw paw leaves tell, among many others.
These Yoruba folktales from West Africa are sure to please your senses, make you laugh, and leave you in reflection.
Written to delight both the young and old. Perfect for bed time stories for the kids or to just get lost in the enchanting world of African folktales.


59724991. sy475

Expected Publication Date:  February 3rd 2022 by Bookouture

Pages: 275

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Synopsis: You think you’ve got it bad? I lost my memory, I’m so single I’ve basically got an allergy to men, and my own cat despises me.

‘Lucy! If you can hear me, squeeze my hand!’

That’s the first thing I hear when I wake up in hospital. Then my sister drops a bombshell: I’ve been in a coma.

It gets worse. In my head, it’s 2009 and I’m seventeen. Somehow, I need to remember the last decade…

Plan A: Track down my exes. Highlights include a one-night stand with someone in a Batman costume, and balcony sex that gave the neighbours a nervous breakdown.

Plan B: Get flirty. Lowlights include a fling with someone hairier than a yeti.

Plan C: Figure out why I have more exes than underwear. Am I allergic to men?

As I piece together my past, I find a mysterious note: Oscar, 9th February. Determined to work out what it means, I uncover a secret I’ve been hiding from everyone.

When the truth comes out, will my memory return? Will I get my life back? And will I ever find the cure to my singledom?

You’ll laugh so much your abs ache! The perfect page-turner for fans of Sophie Kinsella, Lindsey Kelk and TV shows like Schitt’s Creek. 


Expected Publication Date: February 24th, 2022 by MasobeBooks

Pages: 234

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Synopsis: A year after their best friend, Janet Uzor dies in a drowning incident, Pamela and Ebere are trying to cope and move on in their own unique ways. Pamela buries her emotions, while Ebere has been on a mission to find out what really happened to their friend, an excellent swimmer, whose death seems unfair and unconscionable. When Pamela begins to receive sinister letters threatening her life, she finally has to confront her fears, and with the help of Ebere, on/off boyfriend Eche, good friend Daniel Kalio, she sets out to find out who is after her life. In order to do this, they have to uncover the truth and the circumstances behind the death of Janet Uzor.

Do you have any anticipated reads for this month?

What are they?

Thanks for stopping by….

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