5 Common Lies Bookworms Tell

Hello everyone,

I hope your week has been good so far and a happy belated Valentines day to you.

As a bookworm, I have realized over the years that I keep telling myself the same things or make resolutions about either buying books or my reading habits which I never quite do. After joining “Bookstagram”, I was glad to learn from my interactions with other bookworms that I am not alone in this deceit.

Today, I’ll be sharing 5 common lies bookworms tell themselves and I am curious to know if you are also in this boat.

Here they are….


This rarely happens especially when the book is really interesting and I know it is interesting. Why I keep telling myself this lie is mind boggling.


I have tried and failed woefully in this department especially with e-books and audio books. Also apps. like SCRIBD that are subscription based give you the opportunity to read as many books as you like as long as you are subscribed.


There is always this book with a pretty cover that keeps calling your name until you give in. Sometimes, you pick her before you even think of picking up the book you actually wanted to buy.


Hmmmm. I think this is the worst of them all. There are books that definitely relax me but I find that quite a number are also really sad or thought-provoking that makes me anything but relaxed.


I would have usually read a book halfway or more before I realize I don’t have a bookmark. Instead of looking for one, I will then use anything else insight except a bookmark.


I hope you enjoyed reading.


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