Book Tag Thursday: The Contemporary Romance Reader Tag

I only just began to warm-up to contemporary romance a few years ago but have grown to love reading them especially the rom-com types. When I saw this tag at (Do check out her blog) and I immediately wanted to try my hands on it to actually see how my journey has been with reading contemporary romance stories.

So here we go…..

What’s the first contemporary romance you remember reading?

I’m sure I may have read a few before I read this book but this was one of the books that spurred my interest to read more contemporary romance books especially those written with a lot of wit.

What’s the last contemporary romance you read?

This is the second book in the “Hot and Hammered” series by this author and since I really loved the first one, I was looking forward to reading this book and it definitely did not disappoint.

Who are your favorite contemporary romance authors?

Abby Jimenez

Tessa Bailey

Who are your favorite underrated contemporary romance authors?

Kristen Bailey

What book do you recommend to a contemporary romance beginner?

This book was such a vibe and I don’t know why I haven’t re-read it again. I will recommend this book to anyone starting off with contemporary romance because it is funny, relatable and well written.

What are your favorite and least favorite contemporary romance tropes?

My favorite romance tropes will definitely be Post-Happily Ever After romance that involves married couple, marriages in distress, e.t.c. I also love a good-old friends to lovers, fake dating and if it involves a secret baby.

I am not a fan of enemies to lovers, any romance that involves a toxic relationship or cheating and love triangles.

What are your favorite contemporary romance settings?

I love holiday settings or setting where the protagonists are away from their comfort zones

What was your favorite contemporary romance you read last year?

What are your top three all time favorite contemporary romance reads?

So this is it and I hope you enjoyed reading my responses to the tag questions.

If you like it, consider yourself tagged.

Have a good one!

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