Book Review: Husband Hunting 303 by Glory Abah

This is the third book in this series and as soon as I received my copy, I was eager to read it because I love the author’s work. You can check out my reviews of the first two books in the series (Husband Hunting 101 and Husband Hunting 202) in “Book Reviews”.

‘Husband Hunting 303’ follows Vivian who after a seven year long relationship is jilted by her boyfriend with an unwanted pregnancy and while trying to get rid of the pregnancy, due to complications the doctors take out her womb. Frustrated with life and deeply bitter about all that has happened to her, Vivian has lost all hope in men until she has an encounter with Melvin, a widower with two children. Despite her complete distrust for men she finds herself drawn to Melvin but is still afraid that she may be hurt again. This is a story about the effects of heart break and toxic relationships, true friendships, second chances and love.

I loved this one. Although the book is only 174 pages and a quick read, It didn’t leave me wanting more, it was just right. Since the story was told in first person POV, It made Vivian’s character so relatable and I totally connected with all that she went through and was going through. The story brings to the fore the trauma people who have bad experiences in relationships suffer after that relationship ends and how the baggage they carry around with them affects every aspect of their lives as they constantly second guess themselves or are generally distrustful. Although Vivian was lucky to have good friends who were a great source of encouragement and support, it was still difficult to conquer the demons from her past. Melvin on the other hand, was as perfect as they come. I always love to read about male protagonists like Melvin who know what they want and go for it while being loving, patient and understanding. As always, I was glad that it ended well for both of them and I found myself smiling to myself at the end. The author has won my heart again with this one. Although it is not as witty as her other books for obvious reasons, it still came well written and well paced.

I highly recommend this book to all romance lovers and I look forward to more books by this author.

Rating: 5 stars

Published: February 12th 2022 by Glory Abah

Pages: 174

Genre: Romance

The Author:

Glory Abah started reading when she was a child. She discovered novels in secondary school and has never looked since. She loves reading books that make her smile and now, she writes them too. She is also a Creative Writing Coach and hopes to build a new generation of African writers.

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