Book Review: Not Seeing Is A Flower by Erhu Kome

This is my first experience in reading a Bizarro fiction novel and also read a book by the author so I went into reading this book with zero expectations.

Reading this book was quite an experience. I was introduced into Ziora’s world which felt like being thrown into the middle of an ocean without a life jacket because I was completely lost in the first two chapters. However, as I read further I began to get a grasp of who some of the characters were and what they represent. I loved the idea of cupids helping soul mates come together and then the Dharmas who try to throw things in their path to split them apart. It somewhat reminded me of the never ending war between light and darkness but in a twisted way because these two types of creatures or beings (if I may call them that) co-existed and interacted in a friendly manner. There was also a lot of action which gave some adrenaline rush and then, it was over.

Although I am not familiar with this genre, I believe that this book is just the beginning of a story which should have a sequel or more. I would definitely be interested in reading a sequel if the author writes one because I left it wanting more, wanting to understand this new world more and it’s many characters.

If you are a fan of fantasy or paranormal stories, you will surely like this book. Many thanks to the author for sending me a copy of this book.

Published: October 1st 2021 by Eraserhead Press

Pages: 110

Genre: Bizarro Fiction


The Author:

Erhu Kome is an Urhobo writer of speculative fiction and sometimes normal stories. She is also the premier female Nigerian author of bizarro fiction. She grew up in Benin city and is from the Urhobo tribe, so she has eaten and knows how to cook some of the most delicious foods in the world. She loves anime, cannot stop watching Bob’s Burgers, and TV shows that has Eric Kripke involved in the making.

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