Book Review: Unfolding Grace by Kikelomo Kuponiyi

This is my first book by the author but I was excited to get into it because I am always up for discovering new authors especially in the Christian Fiction space.

The story follows Bayo, a successful man in his own rights with the possibility of a huge inheritance from his wealthy father who falls in love with Temisola, a beautiful and intelligent banker who is focused on her career. They eventually begin a relationship which is definitely leading to marriage until Bayo encounters God and decides to become a missionary. This, amongst other issues in Bayo’s life gravely affect their relationship and they both begin to wonder if they are actually meant for each other.

This was a thought provoking story for me as it got me really thinking of the possibility of someone like Bayo to drop everything he has known and go out to live a totally different life in some remote village. However, while I pondered on this, I believe God began to bring to my mind people in the bible like the apostle Paul whose life totally changed after he encountered Jesus or how Noah’s obedience to God’s warning must have seemed to the people around him. That was when I began to really relate to the story and I was glad that in the end God came through for all the parties involved. I would have preferred for the story to be shorter in some parts of the book which I didn’t think did much to the overall plot but ultimately, it was good story and I recommend it to all lovers of Christian Fiction.

I am eager to read the author’s second book titled ‘Tri-Party’ so watch this space for my review in the next couple of weeks.

Published: November 9th 2019 by Independently published

Pages: 306

Genre: Christian Fiction

The Author:

Kikelomo Kuponiyi is a retired banker, lawyer and writer. After graduating with a Bachelor of Laws degree, she ventured into the banking industry, where she worked for over two decades. Her experience in banking spans customer service, operations, financial control and retail lending. Over the years, she nurtured her love for the arts through writing journals, poetry, and short stories. Her first published novel is titled ‘Unfolding Grace’. ‘Your Money and You’ is her first non-fiction book. She is married with three children and lives in Lagos, Nigeria.

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